The Challenges of Holocaust, Punishment of the Crime of  Genocide and Human Rights Protection

International scientific conference dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

The Challenges of Holocaust, Punishment of the Crime of  Genocide and Human Rights Protection


Tbilisi, December 11-12, 2023

Address of the conference organizer

Anna Politkovskaya #61, Tbilisi,Georgia,

Participation in the conference is also possible through the Zoom platform.
Participants will be provided with the link later.

Conference Topics:

1. Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

2. Protection of human rights in international law and state legislation

3. Aspects of Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Protection.


Work Presentation Procedure:  

The paper should be presented in electronic format as a Microsoft Word document;

The presented work must include name, surname, country, university, scientific rank, scientific degree, contact data and email address of the author;

 The work should be relevant to the theme of the conference;

 The title and annotation of the paper must not exceed 120-150 words and  should be presented before December 3, 2023 in the English language (for the Georgian language speakers, the paper can be presented in the Georgian language); the papers should be sent to the following address:

 The scientific paper should be   between   6-14pages;

 Conference paper should not be published previously;

The deadline for submitting the conference materials is December 30, 2023. The electronic version of the paper should be submitted at:

 Information about the conference is available on the website of Sokhumi State University.

Technical requirements for the work:

Annotation and work should be written in the Georgian and English languages and typed in Sylfaen 11, footnote Sylfaen 9.  Papers and annotations of the foreign scientists should be written in English only (The Organizing Team  will provide the Georgian translation of the papers). Speakers, who are citizens of Georgia, should write their annotations and papers  in the Georgian and English languages;

 The line pitch of annotations and scientific papers should be 1.5 ;

 Allocate the paragraph by pressing the TAB – key; 

 Tables and diagrams should be   produced  in JPEG format,  in the annotation and the text of the scientific  paper margin rectification and  correction should be used;   margin size should be 2,0 mm; 2,0 mm; 2,0 mm.;

The references used in the footnotes of the paper should be made in the original language in the following manner:

In case of books, an author or authors or editor, the  book title, publisher, city, edition year, page must be indicated;

In case of  an article,  an author or   authors, title of the article,   title of the edition, number of the edition, year and page must be indicated;

In case of the internet source, the author or the authors, heading of the information / article, the link should be indicated; 

In case of using a legal act, the title and the requisites should be indicated;

In case of application of the court practice, the name of the court, the date of the court decision,  the name and number of the case   should be indicated.

In case of non-compliance with the theme of the conference, the presented papers are not    considered;

Presented works will be published in the English and Georgian languages  once the  Conference is over.

 For other issues related to the conference, Please contact 

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